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Over 100,000 People From Over 100 Nations Have Experienced The Power Of The "31-Day Wisdom Challenge”

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Kick Off The New Year With This LIVE and Daily Interactive Journey Through The Book of Proverbs

And NOW is YOUR TURN to join them!

And NOW is YOUR TURN to join them!

With All The Uncertainty In The World Right Now…

It’s Never Been More Important To Posess The Wisdom of God. 

When you say “YES!” to joining the “Wisdom Challenge” for FREE today, you’ll get access to priceless Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs as well as guidance, and revelations from some of the most influential Christian Leaders in the areas of Ministry, Business, Hollywood, Social Media, Government, and More - All starting Monday, Jan 1st, 2024.


Eric Thomas • Lisa Nichols • Bill Johnson • Ron Carpenter • Heidi Baker • Dave Martin •  Ruslan •  Bill Allen •  Kris Vallotton • Sara Robbins • Abbie Cobb • Keith & Heather Ferrante • Michael Dalton • Stephen & Chelsey Diaz • Dan McCollam • and More!

By Taking This FREE Challenge You'll Have The Chance To Be Entered In A Bitcoin Giveaway!

By Taking This FREE Challenge You'll Have The Chance To Be Entered our Bitcoin Giveaway 
 (Worth Over $40,000 USD)

"But Is The ‘31 Day Wisdom Challenge’ Right For Me?"

Most Likely, YES! Especially If At Least ONE Of These Statements Feels True For You…

  • You believe the Wisdom of God has the ability to completely transform your life.
  • ​You’re committed to making 2024 a year of renewed purpose and prosperity as you learn how to apply the Wisdom Of God.
  • You want to create 10x…50x…even 100x more Kingdom impact with your time, talent, and resources. 
  • You want to confidently enter 2024 - energized, focused and on fire for God.
  • ​Like me, you believe God is NOT finished with your story, and you want to discover his big plans for your life in 2024.

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, then this 31-Day Wisdom Challenge was designed especially to help YOU kick off 2024 empowered with the Wisdom of God.

"Here are Kingdom revelations, words to live by, and words of wisdom given to empower you to reign in life..."

proverbs 1:1



"Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all your increase"
- Proverbs 3:9

"Honor the Lord with your possessions,
and with the first fruits of all your increase"
- Proverbs 3:9

When you say “YES!” to joining the “Wisdom Challenge” for FREE today, you’ll gain guidance from the Book of Proverbs as well as insights, and revelations from some of the most influential Christian Leaders in the areas of Ministry, Business, Hollywood, Social Media, Government, and More - All starting Jan. 1st, 2024.

Pedro & Suzette Adao

FOunders of 100X

Eric Thomas

et the hip hop preacher

Lisa Nichols

Motivating the Masses

Ron Carpenter

Ron Carpenter Ministries

Bill Johnson

Bethel church

Heidi Baker

IRIS global

Tresa Todd



YouTuber, hip hop artist, and entrepreneur

Dave Martin

America's #1 Christian Success Coach

Michael Dalton

YES! Ministries

Dr. Brian Simmons

The Passion Translation Founder

Abbie Cobb

Hollywood actress

Bill Allen

7-Figure Flipping

Kris Vallotton


Jonathan Otto

Health Secrets

Stephen & Chelsey Diaz

The Rainmaker Family

Jackie Dorman

Last Year Single

Dan McCollam

Prophetic Company

Will Hart

Iris Global

Keith & Heather Ferrante

Emerging Prophets

Elise Tarango

Prophetic Heart Healing

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."
- Proverbs 3:5-6

From The Desk of Pedro Adao,

8-Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur
Founder Of The 100X Academy
and Creator of “The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge"

Dear Fellow Wisdom-Seeker,

With all the turmoil and uncertainty in the world today...

I don't think there’s ever been a more important moment to seek the timeless Wisdom of God.

And as the new year approaches many "experts" will be making predictions for what's in store for us in 2024.

But the truth is…

We have a choice in how we start 2024.

And how you start this new year can and will have huge a huge impact on the rest of your year.

4 years ago, I decided that regardless of what happens in the world politically or economically...

That it was be happening FOR me  - NOT to me!

You see, my favorite verse in the bible is Romans 8:28 which says:

"All things work for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

So as we get ready to go into another new year…

I'd like to invite you to decide and declare that no matter what happens in 2024…

And, it can and will happen FOR YOU and NOT to you.

And I believe the best way to set yourself up for a “for me, not to me” year, is to…

START the new year prioritizing and pursuing the Wisdom of God.

The Wisdom of God is the Principal thing.

Proverbs 4:7 says "Wisdom is the most valuable commodity - so buy it!"


If you’ve got a burning desire to experience even more of God's goodness, favor, and prosperity in 2024…

All while making a massive impact for the Kingdom...

Then I want to invite you to kick your year off the best way possible…

By joining me and hundreds of thousands of believers from all over the world, in the 2024 “31 Day Wisdom Challenge”!!!

Join me and 31 influential kingdom leaders…

As we take you on a daily live journey through the Book of Proverbs during the month of January.

All to help you kick off the new year with the power of God’s wisdom, working in your life FOR YOU, like never before.

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring you the 5th annual 31-Day Wisdom Challenge featuring an incredible line-up of revelatory thought leaders and Christian entrepreneurs...

Who are all making a massive kingdom impact in ministry, the marketplace, in media, and even in government.

Throughout the “31 Day Wisdom Challenge”

Each one of them will be sharing powerful testimony, insights, and revelation from their personal study and application of the Book Of Proverbs.

To help you empower yourself to have a transformative 2024, through the wisdom of God.

Now, if you’re ready to prioritize God’s word…

And you want to discover His true blessings for your wealth, health and relationships…

And you are committed to making 2024 a year of great favor, prosperity, and breakthrough…

Then, I invite you to click the button below and join us for this one-of-a-kind journey through the Book of Proverbs, during the “31 Day Wisdom Challenge”.

- Pedro Adao
8-Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur
Founder Of The 100X Academy
Fellow Lover Of Wisdom

Who is leading this challenge?

Meet Your Host,


  • ​​8-Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur: Industry disrupter and trend setter that built a $10M a year business in just 2nd full year online.
  • ​Founder Of The 100X Academy and Kingdom Seekers: The #1 Training Program and Community for Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Wisdom Seekers in the World!
  • The #1 Go-To Industry Expert on Challenge Marketing Creator of Challenge Secrets and Marketing Consultant To Some Of The Biggest Entrepreneurs Today

"It's absolutely incredible what Pedro has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time...Pedro has shifted the entire online marketing industry"
- Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels

endorsed by top industry leaders

See why Kingdom Impact Makers &
Digital Marketing Experts Trust Pedro...

"I absolutely love what Pedro Is doing...and thoroughly enjoy every time we are together. We really should go on tour"
John C. Maxwell

"Pedro is incredible. It's been an honor to work alongside of him. I reached out to him to become my marketing mentor and to help secure my legacy as a motivator, speaker, and teacher."
Les Brown

"I love Pedro's perspective on Kingdom Entrepreneurship. He has been such a blessing to our ministry and the people we serve"
Graham Cooke

"I have been all over the world and have never seen anything like 100X"
Kris Vallotton

"I absolutely love what Pedro is doing with 100X and Kingdom Entrepreneurship"
Lana Vawser

"Pedro Loves Helping People Succeed and Thrive and has a high level entrepreneurial and prophetic calling"
Shawn Bolz

"Pedro has been SO GOOD with helping us get the word out about our app. We are grateful to know him."
Lisa Bevere

"God has used Pedro. He is breaking the box that we have lived in for so many years about business, Kingdom, and how we reach the world. I am honored to be his friend."
Michael Dalton

"It’s such an honor to see what Pedro has built and be part of it. He shows up and pivots where the Lord leads, and I have not only seen it serve him well, but also the community he serves."
Jennifer Allwood

Here’s What Past Attendees Said About

The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge

In Past Years, Thousands of People Have Paid To Participate In The 31-Day Wisdom Challenge...

But, given the uncertainty afflicting so many people’s lives right now…

And the transformation this challenge has brought to people in the previous 4 years.

This year…

I don’t want money to stand in the way of anyone who wants to experience God’s incredible guidance for 2024.

That’s why I’m offering you the chance to join me and 31 more industry-leading real experts…

Who’ll demonstrate how they put the powerful words of Proverbs into action…

So you can discover His true blessings for your wealth, health and relationships…

Through this one-of-a-kind, FREE event.

(We have charged for “The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge” in previous years. BUT,
Yes!... this year - in 2024 - you can attend for FREE!)

Ready to be guided by the wisdom of God, and make 2024 a year that happens “FOR YOU”?


BEFORE the Challenge

  • ​​Feeling helpless - like you don’t know where to find the answers you need.
  • ​Paralyzed by fear of an uncertain future
  • ​Struggling to maintain good relationships
  • ​Trapped in your career, unable to find your path forward.
  • ​Lost on your journey to true prosperity, and not making the income you’d like to be.
  • ​Unsure of where to turn for help.
  • ​Looking for answers outside of yourself.
  • ​Starving for more of God’s guidance and revelation in your life.

AFter the Challenge

  • ​​Grounded by God’s incredible wisdom AND energized to achieve your goals.
  • Confident about 2024 and the next steps on your journey.
  • Embraced by a community of like-minded people and enjoying more fulfilling relationships with family and friends.
  • ​Renewed perspective on your life, career, and your faith in God.
  • ​On a clear journey to prosperity and new income growth.
  • ​Empowered by practical wisdom and confidently overcoming roadblocks between you and your dream life.
  • ​Trusting in God again.
  • ​Bursting with incredible revelations and transformational wisdom.

Well Over 100,000 People From 100+ Countries Have Done The 31-Day Wisdom Challenge Since We Started In 2020...

Here’s what some of them had to say
about their experience:

Here's Everything You'll Recieve When You Sign Up For The FREE "31-Day Wisdom Challenge" Today

  • ​​FREE! Access to Your Daily LIVE Interactive Journey Through The Book of Proverbs - for 31 days! (The perfect way to kick off the New Year!)
  • FREE! Front row seat to exclusive chats with influential Christian guests, sharing profound revelations and teaching aligned with a daily Proverb
  • FREE! Access to our private community with additional resources and an opportunity to interact with other Kingdom Seekers—just like you
  • The chance to win daily prizes as you help others find the guidance of God

$995 Value


And When You Sign Up For This FREE Challenge Now You'll Have The Opportunity To Enter Our Bitcoin Giveaway

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